Killer Pod People Band Together to Conquer Earth!

Okay, so maybe the headline is a tad alarmist.

But hey, we gotta sell papers, right?

The more pedestrian take on this breaking news is that Chris Marquardt, of the wonderfully effervescent "Tips from the Top Floor," and John Arnold, of "PhotoWalkthrough" have launched an association of photo podcasters, called Photocast Network. This means one-stop shopping to learn about a group of pretty cool photo audio sites. They officially launched today.

Chris's blog, and Lightsource, (both of whom had me on as their guests earlier) are two of the charter members. There are about a half dozen others, so far. If/when I get into the podcast thing, maybe they will let me sit at the Big Kids table, too. Who knows.

If you are into the audio learning thing, bookmark this site, and start the process of making more morning commute more photographic!


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