Lose an Entire Night's Sleep on dg28.com

That's pretty much what happened to me when I first discovered British photographer Neil Turner's excellent site, www.dg28.com.

I am bringing this to the front from the links section because I know many of you never bother to wander off of the front page. (Why do I archive this stuff, anyway?)

Anyhoo, Neil is a staffer for a periodical that covers education in Great Britian. As such, pretty much every assignment he shoots is at a school, or related to education.

I know what you're thinking:

I'd end up eating a gun...

Well, Neil's site just goes to show you what you can do with a little batt-powered light.

And "goes to show you," it does. He has loads of techniques, examples and how-to's. The guy even puts up a fresh portfolio every month. Howzat for bravery?

If you already know about it, it's always worth a refresher visit. If you are a noob, you are in for a treat.

Let me know what you think, in the comments section.


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