Nice LIttle Portrait Lighting Tutorial

While Googling around for some info on Dean Collins, I ran across this web page from Canadian photographer Dave Montizambert who had benefitted from Collins' teaching.

He has a cool lighting tutorial from a one-light portrait session that gets into some lighting theory. This is especially relevant to Collins, because Collins studied in Europe at one of those "old school" schools where they only let him play with one light until he could do darn-near anything with it.

There are many, many shooters around the world who are consciously (or subconsciously) using techniques Collins taught them many years ago.

Styles change, but a good foundation in lighting theory lets you easily adapt to the new looks.

Click on either pic for a 10-minute diversion from a photographer who has a good grasp of the lighting basics.

(Thanks to reader Dominique for the tip on the photog's complete name!)


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