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Now THIS is Cool, Off-Camera Light

OK, it ain't flash.

And it is already making the rounds.

But I am big into any creative use of off-camera light. And leave it to some Japanese performance artists to come up with this.

What is it? An animated series of light-painted time exposures, of course. This has to be difficult. If I had some free time, I would try it.

Scratch that. If I had free time, I'd get some sleep. But when I woke up, if I was well-rested, had nothing to do and it was dark, I'd try this.

See more examples from Pika-Pika on their website. Original tip via DSLR Blog.

And if you have 4 minutes you can devote to sitting at a computer with your jaw hanging open, check out this animated short film they made.

Absolutely amazing.

(Nice find, Chris.)


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