Okeydokey, Comment Moderation it is...

My link-happy commenting friend was especially busy after my request for he/she/it to stop. So I spent the last two hours cleaning up the mess instead of doing the water assignment after-action post.

Thanks for the comment moderation suggestion. We will try that and see how it works. If you could please sign (some kind of) a name to your thoughts it would help me in the moderation process. I will likely start nuking the anonymous ones without reading them if they start coming in wholesale.

Hope you understand.

All the way at the other end of the scale of humanity, I would like to take a moment to publicly thank those of you who have been supporting the site through your Amazon/Adorama purchases and PayPal contributions.

That (and the caffeine, of course) is what keeps the site going. I am pretty sure the missus would put the kibash on this gig if I were spending this much time on a hobby site.

No pun intended.

And in yet another totally unrelated thought, I cannot tell you how much fun I am having learning sound editing these last two days.

After 16 hours of shooting, recording and editing yesterday and only realized at midnight that I had gone the whole day on nothing but a banana and a handful of popcorn. You know I am having fun when I forget to eat.

If you want to play with noise, you can do it for free. I highly recommend Audacity, a free, open-source, multi-platform sound editor.

Create a sophisticated, multi-track audio project - or talk like a chipmunk. Whatever floats your boat.

As for me, it's bedtime. And I exit the day with only a slightly smaller backed-up work pile than when I entered it.

But no worries. After I shoot the Orioles game tomorrow, I have nine days off. First priority is to enjoy the last week of summer vacation with the family at home.

But I will also have time in the evening to post some. On deck is the water stuff, plus part three of the food shoot.


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