Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam.....


FWIW, I do see every comment that is posted to Strobist as an e-mail. It allows me to keep loose tabs on what is happening without having to cruise through the whole site every day.

In the last few days there has been an increasing amount of comment spam. I have the "drunken type recognition thing" set to "on," which pretty reliably stops the spambots. (Without the type recognition, we'd fill up with junk almost instantly.)

So, that means that someone is likely hand cutting and pasting long lists of links into the comment fields.

The only sure way I can stop this is to take away the comments function on the site, which would be a loss to all.

I'd rather not do that. But given the nature of some of the links, I probably would.

Before I resort to that, I'd like to try an unusual, non-technical solution. Here goes.

To whomever is filling the comment fields with spam links:

Could you please stop, so I do not have to nuke all of the comments to prevent it?



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