Westcott Double-Fold Heaven

Well, what do you know.

At least someone knows how to get these things in stock.

Moishe at Midwest Photo Exchange just e-mailed me to say that he got in two hundred Westcott Double-fold umbrellas. They are not up on the website yet, but you can e-mail him at moishe@mpex.com or call at (614) 261-1264, and he will hook you up.

This is pretty much like parking right outside the gate of the fat farm with a couple of cases of Snickers bars.

He has 100 each of the white and silver. The last time he got a batch of 40 in, he sold out pretty quick. They are $19 for us - just tell him you are from Strobist. That's even cheaper than you can get them at Out-of-Stock-O-Rama. If you could get them there. At any time in the last few months. I'm just saying.

If you detect a hint of change in the air from the tone of that last paragraph, you'd be right. Actually, there are changes coming in several areas, and I will be announcing them soon.

Don't worry. They're good changes.

And speaking of soon, Boot Camp Assignment Number Five will be posted later today.

You may want to gather the supplies you'll need while you are waiting:

• A bicycle tire innertube, or 5 feet of Bungee cord
• A glue gun
• An old tennis racquet or a spaghetti strainer
• Some beige nylon stockings - not ripped


But I had you for a second, didn't I...

Speaking of kidding, kudos to Chris R., who e-mailed me after realizing that the apparent gibberish under the Strobist title wasn't gibberish after all. And please, if you have since figured it out, don't all go e-mailing me now.

Chris already won the new Nikon D200.

Kidding again.

I always wonder if you guys read that stuff.


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