Bits and Pieces, Sept 23, 2006

• What Can 'Brown' Do for Baltimore?

I'll be out of pocket for a couple of days as I travel to Cleveland for Week 3 of the NFL season to see if the Browns can be the first team to score a touchdown on the Ravens' defense.

Posting and moderating of comments will be dependent on my having 'net access on the road.

(In fact, I may have to log on from a Starbucks, just so I can doodle on my cup a little.)

Please be patient.

• Hip 2 B Square:

A friendly reminder that the CD photos are due tomorrow night... (kidding, kidding...) Actually, they are due on Wednesday, 9/27 at 11:59pm local time.

You know you want those DVDs...

The winners of the double-fold umbrellas, sonsored by Midwest Photo Exchange will be announced before the CD after-assignment post is put up next week. Stay tuned.

(This nifty CD cover is by Strobist Boot Camper Kim Long.)

• There's Packing. Then, There's Packin':

Picked up a great, counter-intuitive tip from Rob, on the Flickr Strobist group discussion threads on how to transport your photo gear in a way to ensure it gets extra care and attention in the baggage-handling process:

Simply pack a gun along with your cameras in your gear bags.

Only slightly less ingenious was the old insider trick that many professionals used back in the day to disguise (and disgust) their Halliburton gear cases in an effort to thwart thieves:

Put them in styrofoam outer shells covered with "Live Human Tissue" stickers. (Love it.)

Luckily, friendly and frugal Southwest Airlines allows us Photo Gear Donkey media types to pre-board with gear along with the little old ladies from Pasadena and families with young curtain climbers in tow.

Love that front-seat leg room, too.


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