Bits and Pieces: Sept 8th, 2006

Thanks for your patience over the last couple of days on the Room Assignment post, folks. It's been one of those weeks where the shooting - and everything else - forces me to step back a little bit.

I was getting my gear together for a trip when I got a frantic cell phone call from my wife, telling me that my five-year-old had fallen off a set of monkey bars and broken his ribs. I got down to the hospital to find out that I had misheard her, and was relieved to find out he had actually broken his wrist.

He's doing fine, and fully prepared to be the "celebrity kid with a cast" for six weeks in kindergarten.

I am flying to Florida to cover the Ravens' season opener against Tampa Bay for the weekend. So, ironically, I will have much more time for some longer-form writing for Strobist.

Till then, some bits and pieces to hold you as I try to grab some time to work down the hopper of some very cool stuff I cannot wait to toss up on the site.

Strobe on a Rope-Rope-Rope

This was mentioned on the Flickr discussion group, and I had a 'D'Oh!' moment realizing I had not mentioned this one before.

Nikon shooters with no PC jack on their camera and/or flash may want to consider grabbing a couple of SC-17's to use as an extended synch cord. They stretch to well over 5 feet each. And you can daisy chain up to three of them together for a nice, long, durable synch cord. The flash end of the cord has a 1/4x20 screw socket, serving double duty as a light stand (or tripod) connector.

They go for about $30 each on eBay, but you sometimes get lucky. Especially keep an eye out for someone selling a vintage Nikon SB unit that includes an SC-17. The deal is usually much better.

And these things are so useful to have around. I keep a second one in my trunk, just in case. You can mod them to use CAT-5 wire as an extension cord, but IMO it is easier to just grab a couple of used ones and chain them up.

January workshop Sold Out

In case you did not notice on the sidebar, the January workshop is sold out. The first hurdle (discovering the interest level) having been overcome, future workshops will hinge on the feedback of the guinea pigs attendees of the first workshop.

If it works as well as I think it will, we'll keep the idea rolling.

In the On Deck Circle

There are just not enough hours in a day. But I do feel much better working and posting at a sustainable pace, and I appreciate your patience and support.

That said, I have been chomping at the bit to post several ideas I have waiting in the wings. And I am going to use them as incentive to make me find the time to get the Room Assignment after-action done and posted ASAP. (Those things take more time than you'd think.)

As mentioned the other day, we have the super-portable, super-powerful, "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" flashes to explore. After that, a killer photo (and the full how-to) from a long-time mentor of mine on how to light a comet.

And this one is pure Home Depot DIY Bootstrapping Goodness, too.

The photo is so cool, it been my favorite framed photo (that does not contain my kids) on my wall since he did it about 10 years ago.

And of course, the final (whew!) Lighting Boot Camp assignment, which will really make you think.


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