Double-Fold Umbrella Winners Announced

Congratulations to Flickr user Flashyfeliz for winning the double-fold Westcott umbrella in the amateur division for this wonderfully evocative photo in the "room" assignment.

And in the professional division, the winner is LGZ, for this photo from the "water" assignment.

Both appear very simple at first glance, but were quite sophisticated in their use of light.

The room photo uses a snooted, gelled speedlight to evoke a sunbeam on a lamp in an otherwise underexposed room. The control of the ambient allowed the photographer to both retain the mood and enhance the texture of the lived-in scene.

And in the water shot, the photographer actually lit the inside of the bottle, to great effect, by placing the it directly on top of a diffused speedlight.

Everyone who has participated has much to be proud of. You have improved greatly as a group since the first headshot assignment.

And I hope you will join me in congratulating the winners.

(Besides, there are still those DVDs to be awarded...)

If the winners would send me a Flickr mail from their account with full name, address and contact info, I will pass it along to Midwest Photo Exchange, so you can get your goodies.


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