The One-Photo-Per-Day Limit on Flickr is History.

Given that Flickr does not limit our group's storage space, I have decided that there is really no reason to arbitrarily limit the number of photos that can be posted to the Strobist Pool on Flickr.

So, post away. But limit your stuff to off-camera flash pix, please.

And I would also like to take this opportunity to ask for your help in spreading the word. Flickr is the best way we have of growing our community, and I have included a line of code that I hope you will include at the end of your photo descriptions.

The code below will read:

I'm learning to light at

(And the site name will link to the newly enhanced welcome page.)

If you like what you are learning, please help me in trying to introduce other Flickrites to our little well-lit corner of the world. My marketing department can best be described as, well, you. It's not mandatory (that'd be a little weird, IMO.) But any help you might offer is greatly appreciated.

This is especially valuable for photos which are also posted to groups other than ours.

I will ask Captoe to paste these new items into the Group Info section on Flickr.

Thanks very much for your help!


Code to copy and paste:

Learn how to light at <a href="" target='_new'></a>.


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