Strobist Reader Spotlight: Cassander1963

Used SB speedlight: As little as $50.00.

Used, off-camera flash cord: About $30.00.

Controlling light well enough so that pictures of your curtain climbers look like Nike ads: Priceless.

Props to Strobist reader Cassander1963, a man on a mission when it come to making cool shots of his kids.

Time to beat the dead horse again:

Don't just read Strobist. Join the Flickr Strobist group and show us your stuff!

And here's another good reason to sign up. You get access to a great Q&A resource.

Every day, I see questions buried in the comments section on months-old posts in Lighting 101.

Most of the people in the group are long past that stuff. And who do you think is reading those comments after you?

People who are learning this stuff after you have.

Far better idea: Ask your questions in the Strobist Flickr discussion thread. There, you'll find almost two thousand photographers who share your new lighting curiosity - but have a little more experience.

And let me tell you, there is no shortage of opinion to be had.

In fact, if you are the shy, wallflower type, just search the hundreds of thread topics. Your question has probably been asked before.

But, most important, you do not learn this lighting stuff by just reading about it. You do not know it until you do it.

So, go and sign up. It's free. It takes about a minute. I'd do it for you, but I'd forget your password within a week...


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