Too Good For a $10 Macro Studio? $15 Gets You PVC and Bed Linens

Strobist reader Craig has turned us onto an upscale version of the $10 Macro Studio, built and detailed by Bill Huber over at this page on

Bill uses desk lamps as light sources (why not) and gets some good results.

There are lots of detail shots and instructions, to boot. (Way more than my lazy butt supplied for you.)

Looking at the dates on the long Q&A thread, this thing dates back to 2003, which long predates my cardboard-box-and-Kleenex version. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, depending on how you want to control the light, and what you have sitting around the house to build it with. If you see other versions - and there certainly must be - stick some links in the comments!

Nice find, Craig.



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