Worth a Look: Rangefinder Magazine Online

NEWS: From the comments section, a heads-up that Rangefinder Magazine is offering, for a limited time, a free subscription for qualified individuals. I dunno what the qualifications are. And you international types may be out of luck (mui expensive postage for them) but just thought I'd pass it along.

While Googling around for some background for the Collins DVD review, I came across an article in Rangefinder Magazine by his former studio manager, Tim Mantoani.

In it, Mantoani reprises his favorite Collins photo, a shot of San Francisco 49ers QB Joe Montana, along with an explanation on how it was made.

The story is worth a read. But the real surprise here is that the folks at a great magazine like Rangefinder puts so much of their content up on the web for everyone to see.

The site is definitely worth a read. Rangefinder Magazine is one of the best photo publications in the world.


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