Flickr Strobist Group Nears 2,000th Member

The Flickr group with it's photo pool and discussion board has been growing by leaps and bounds recently.

We are getting many new photos from a wide range of photographers every single day. You want to see what kind of detail good light can elicit? Click on that top photo for the larger size.

This constant flow of lit stuff is fantastic to watch. I especially like clicking through to the photo streams of some of the newer members as they pop up. (Always have been a bit of a voyeur.)

Anyway, we should hit 2,000 members any day now. Will you be number 2,000?

If you are just reading the main site and not participating in the Flickr discussion group and photo sharing, you are missing one of the best parts of this whole deal.

We showed you ours. Sign up and show us yours.

NOTE: The outbound link from that very cool top photo (by "Christopher the Photographer,") is a little hinky from the Flickr end.

If you want to see more of this guy's kickin' work, check out his MySpace page. He's got some strong stuff. Please note that while the photos are technically "work safe," they may be "work uncomfortable," depending on the corporateness of your jobsite.


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