The Hot List, September 2006

What follows is a brief look at the most popular items Strobist readers ordered from Amazon last month.

Regarding number nine, one can only wonder if "Yeah, I read Strobist" is starting to used as pick-up line. Just keep 'em work-safe in the Flickr pool, and what happens in the garage stays in the garage...

In order, the September Hot List:

1. 25 Pack of 9in. Ball Bungee Cords

2. Kingston 512 MB Secure SD Card

3. Matters of Light & Depth

4. Secrets of Lighting on Location: A Photographer's Guide to Professional Lighting Techniques

5. Art of RAW Conversion: How to Produce Art-Quality Photos with Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Leading RAW Converters

6. Light - Science and Magic, Second Edition: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting

7. Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers

8. Shooter

9. Garage Glamour: Digital Nude and Beauty Photography Made Simple

10. Photojournalism, Fifth Edition: The Professionals' Approach



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