Lighting Boot Camp: Continued

Are you in Lighting Boot Camp withdrawal?

The Strobist main-site version was a one-time, summertime affair. While it attracted a wide variety of participants, it was also very time intensive for one person to run. And there are many projects in the works at this point for this site that force me to choose where to deploy my time resources.

(Unless one of you wants to hire me to do this stuff full-time, of course...)

But if you are jonesing for more participatory lighting stuff, fear not. There is an ad hoc continuation of the ongoing lighting school concept happening in the Strobist Flickr group discussion board. They are calling it the "Strobist Challenge."

It will be what you make it. And of course, the more participants the merrier.

On a related note, I will be looking through the pool entries on a weekly basis for a reader photo of the week. And photos from the Strobist Challenge will definitely be in the pool for consideration.

The best way to learn this stuff - there is no other way, actually - is to do it.


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