A Good Place to Get Gear, and Why:

Midwest Photo is a mid-sized photo gear retailer located in Ohio.

They have expressed a strong desire to cater to the type of photographers who tend to read this site, and typically bend over backwards to keep the various pieces of small-flash lighting gear (and associated items) in stock. Given the challenges of dealing with the various suppliers, this is a more daunting task than you might think.

MPEX also ships internationally, which is very important for readers who do not have a good gear resource in their home country.

Sometimes thay can get overwhelmed with the order flow that can arise from this site, but they are honest and ethical people to deal with. That is not a given in this day of faceless internet commerce.

I recommend contacting them by phone at (614) 261-1264 as the most efficient means of ordering. If that is not practical from your location, you can reach them via the Strobist section on their website or by email.

(If you e-mail them, please add their address to your address book so their answer will not end up in your spam folder.)


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