Jack O' Lantern Winner

Congrats to bmp_digital for winning the quickie pumpkin assignment.

He actually balanced four light sources - two flashes, one streetlight and a candle to get this positively Halmarkey-looking Halloween photo.

Sez bmp:
"Shot in my driveway, ambient streetlight illuminates orange leaves, upper right, Sunpak 522/blue gel lights rest of background. A Canon 550 w/diffusion and orange gel lights pumpkin left, Canon 580 w/diffusion lights pumpkin right, Pocket Wizards throughout.

Canon 5D, ISO 1000, 1 second @ f5.6. The main problem I had was the candle (1 tealight!) was too bright @ 1 second, so diffusion was added to the pumpkin interior to bring exposure down. "

There was some cool stuff - I really liked the one with the transparent cat - and thanks for all who contributed photos.

I'd also like to give a shout-out to this particular pumpkin, which was impeccably carved and transcended the genre to the point of being fine art.

The subject matter choice was truly stunning, and will no doubt be imitated all over the world next Halloween.

How cruel that the ravages of time (and some hungry bugs, most likely) will shortly claim your masterpiece.

BMP - If you could Flickrmail me your mailing address, I'll get your book out to you!


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