A Japanese Strobist Magazine?

Alert Reader "Bjorke" writes the following in the comments section of DIY Lighting Diagrams:
Have you ever seen the Japanese magazine COMMERCIAL PHOTO from Genkosha? Every issue covers the local advertising scene along with TV commercials and had detailed coverage of ad and other lighting setups, complete with such drawings (and snaps of the set).

I admit it's hard to get here in the states, I always pick up a copy whenever I'm over there. Sometimes Kinokuniya and other J-vendors have it in the U.S.

Well folks, you know I had to check this one out.

I mean, a magazine about lighting setups? That pushes the definition of niche almost to the point of fetish. Honestly, who in the world would devote an entire publication to droning on and on about lighti...

Oh, yeah. Right. Sorry.

So I looked into it.

Sure enough, there it is on Amazon. Only $300 a year. Amazon says they are printing it in dual Japanese/English, but others say only Japanese. Wish I knew for sure. That'd be a bummer if the only mag in the world that featured lighting setups was only in Japanese.

Not ready to spend $300 on a foreign lighting mag, you skinflint? Well, you can check out the website, gratis, here.

Or, the Google translator bot will serve the whole thing up for you in stunted english. But where's the challenge in that?

If any of you guys are familiar with this publication, I would love to hear more about it.

Should I spring for the $300?


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