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Thanks to Alert Reader EssPea, who posted a link in the comments section for Google's on-the-fly translation of the Commercial Photo website, we can all read the nuances of Far Eastern lighting in plain old English.

Sort of.

The bots are decent, but they won't win this year's Booker Prize. Here's a typical line of English generated by the translator:
"... Recently, the occasion where the work is photographed, three keywords, “sizzle” “eros” “grotesque” float in the head. The person seeks [eroteishizumu], scratches the desire to tastiness in the sizzle impression and is built. And the desire, although being grotesque, is fascinate. ..."

I dunno about you, but I've always wanted to scratch the desire to tastiness in the sizzle impression.

So, if you'd like to "scratch your own desire to tastiness," by all means, scratch away.


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