More on Kashi's Kurdistan Process

I love the web. I'm pretty sure I was ADD before ADD was cool, and the fact that the web is just an endless stream of tangents is darn near irresistable to me.

While checking out the reaction to Ed Kashi's Iraqi Kurdistan piece today, I came across the following:
• A behind-the-scenes look at MSN's acquisition process and business model on the story.

• A great discussion about it on Lightstalkers.

• An in-depth statement on the process and motivation by Kashi himself.

Yeah, I know this does not relate directly to off-camera strobe.

But bigger picture, you guys are the next generation of visual storytelling. And this medium is just too juicy not to sink your teeth into.

Put differently, once you learn how to light you have to point that energy and capability somewhere. You could do a lot worse than this.


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