Multimedia Monday

When catching up on my October archiving, I decided to add two new categories in which to place future articles - business and multimedia.

The former has grown in interest on the site because of the transitional-pro nature of many of the readers. And the latter is an exploding genre of photojournalism that is just going to keep getting bigger.

Neither will detract from the main mandate of Strobist, which is to teach lighting. But if you are serious about the craft and/or profession, you want to be up on these areas.

This is a very exciting time. We are jumping in whole hog at The Sun, learning all we can and trying to get ahead of the curve. We have a projects board up in photo with a list that would choke a horse, and it seems like everybody has something going on.

I have just finished shooting a 3,000-frame, time-lapse project on fall which should be up within a week.

One of my Fellow Sun shooters, Monica Lopossay, just did a neat piece on a regular, drop-in bluegrass jam session in a small town in Maryland. Check it out if you get a chance.

The big news this week was the "auctioning off" of a multimedia piece by Mediastorm. The piece is a stunning example of new-media photojournalism by Ed Kashi on Iraqi Kurdistan. I cannot wait to see the final product.

Just as important is the way in which it came to market. Mediastorm auctioned it directly to the market, with winning the bidding.

The important takeaways here are (a) this is an exploding new medium for visual storytelling, and (b) how the digital nature of the entire process allows forward thinking shooters and agencies to retain control from conception to sale.

It's heady stuff.

I will do a separate post on Iraqi Kurdistan when it debuts. It will be a watershed moment for photojournalism in several ways. You'll wanna be there to see it.


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