TGIF! Time for the Reader POTW

It's Friday, which means that (a) I push the boundries of what is considered "casual dress" at work, and (b) time for a Reader Photo of the Week.

This week's image is by Strobist reader X-Pose, who has really sprouted antlers since getting his Dean Collins DVD's. The guy is kicking butt, IMO.

Truth be told, this not even is my favorite photo of his that he put up this week. But being the corporate, extra-work-safe grunt that I am, I hesitated to put this even better one (a tad work-uncomfy, depending on your environment) up on the blog's front page.

X-Pose is doing these tres elegant photos with just one, small Canon speedlight, shot through a large, homemade diffuser which is placed just outside of the frame. He used the technique for both photos and many of the other pix in his Flickr stream.

This is a classic Collins technique which brings all kinds of soft-light-smooth-falloff goodness to your pix.

Keep those photos coming. You guys rock.


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