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Bits and Pieces, 12/14/2006

Strobist in National Geographic Traveler

I woke up to a nice surprise this morning when I checked the Flickr discussion threads.

Strobist was mentioned in a "best of the web" photography story in the Jan/Feb 07 issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine. It's all I can do not to go buy a couple of hundred copies and pass them out to total strangers on the street corner. Cool beans.

Thanks much to Strobist reader and Travel Photographer Emeritus Bob Krist for bringing the site to the attention of the writer.

New MPEX Arrivals

This may be rather like dangling meat in front of an alligator, but Moishe got in a selection of used SB-24's and SB-28's. He rates them as 8/10, which means they may have some cosmetic signs of wear, but work just fine. SB-24's (2 available) are $65 each, and the SB-28's (8 available) are $100. Foist come, foist soived.

He is also now carrying the Wein HSH adapter, which slips onto any hotshoe flash to give it a very solid and useful "household" PC connection. If you have a good flash that does not have a PC jack (cough, Canon, cough) these are sweet. They also have a female 1/4x20 socket for mounting purposes.

FYI, Canon flashes are a tight fit on these. You simply pry the lips of the shoe mount on the HSH up a tad with a regular screwdriver and all is well. They are solidly constructed out of metal.

And for you guys in need of a more, uh, Freudian light stand, he got in some LomoPro 10-foot light stands at only $30 each. You outdoor, mix-light shooters - especially the skater types - may find these more useful than the compact stands. And at about half the price, too.

Link: Midwest Photo Exchange


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