Equipment Manufacturers' Photographer Bio Pages

Dyna-Lite, the pro flash manufacturer, has a series of portfolio pages featuring some of the better shooters in the business. As you might expect, each page is basically a selection of pictures, a bio and a paragraph on just how incredibly durable, easily portable and plain-old absolutely wonderful Dyna-Lites are.

Each photographer gets his or her own page. There are fifteen different photogs featured, including Michael Grecco, Joyce Tenneson, Nick Vedros, Chip Simons, George Tiedemann, Lynn Goldsmith and others.

Amazingly, every single one of these photographers uses either Dyna-Lites or some other brand of lights owned by Dyna-Lites.

(What are the odds?)

Meanwhile, over at the Light Tools site, they have several pages on shooters who use - surprise! - Light Tools' "Egg Crates" soft box grids.

These advertorial/testimonial/sell-our-gear style pages are more technique-oriented than are the Dyna-Lite pages. The featured photogs include Grecco, Dean Collins, Dave Montizambert and a couple of others.


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