From MPEX: PW's in Tight Supply

If you are hoping for a set of Pocket Wizard Plus II's in your stocking this year, you'll wanna be extra good between now and Christmas. And even then, it'll help to know someone in the biz.

They have proven to be very popular (no surprise, given that they were redesigned to be switch hitters for only a few bucks more than the old models) and are back-ordered in many places.

MPEX has scored about 60 of them - that's individual units, not pairs - and he has them for $186 each. FWIW, that's one reason I was so happy to partner with MPEX - Moishe is like Max Klinger (from M.A.S.H.) when it comes to scrounging gear.

PW has the elves making them as fast as they can, but expect things to be a tad tight while they catch up to the demand.

Conversely, for those of you who have not been so good, I am told that coal is plentiful this year. And there will be enough to go around for the foreseeable future.


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