Hopefully, the Off-Camera Flash was Safe

Ever drop an expensive digital camera?

I have. They are surprisingly robust, all things considered. What matters is (a) how high they were dropped from, and (b) where they land.

I'm thinking this one might have to go to the shop:

Speaking of extraterrestrial photo gear, check out the Nikon cameras (small|hi-res) in the space shuttle. Wonder where they keep the Canon stuff?

(Via RobGalbraith.com)

Editor's note: After putting this post up before bed last night, I had one of those realistic, all-night-long dreams wherein I was secretly using my own Canon gear (which I do not really have) on assignment for The Sun. Then, I would just bring the cards into the office to edit, tone and caption so no one else would know.


Equally strange is that this is the first time I have ever had a dream that was in any way related to the website. Which is surprising when you consider how many evening and late-night writing sessions are spent in its support.


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