The Last POTW of 2006

Two-double-oh-six is about to go down in the record books, and we are closing it out with the final Picture of the Week.

Knowing that I would be crunched with preparations for covering the funeral of former President Ford, I had another photo all picked out and the post pre-written. Then William Duffy has to come along and drop the self-portrait seen above into the pool.

Absolutely killer light, composition and gaze. The photo is a bit of a rule breaker in that the backlight (the second of two speedlights) is placed on the highlight side of the subject. This gives a very three-dimensional look and makes the sweat pop.

Very cool shot, William.

If you haven't yet joined the Flickr Strobist group to show us your own hot shots, we've just passed 4,000 members. So jump in. It's free, and you are in excellent company.

I am knee-deep both in ongoing funeral coverage and shooting the class-of-the-NFL Baltimore Ravens this weekend. Oh, and I also drew New Year's Day duty. Yee-ha.

So this is definitely probably the last you'll hear from me until next year.

Happy New Year. See you in a well-lit 2007.


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