Show Us Your Photo Cave

Reader David X. Tejada popped a few photos into the Flickr Strobist group of himself, just messing around with SB's in his office.

(We pros do this a lot, BTW. It is best not to test on the job.)

Don't get me wrong. You're all beautiful and stuff, David. But what really interested me was seeing the working space he had created for himself. We got to see pretty much all of his lair because he shot the lighting setup from a couple of different directions.

At one end of the room is what many of you would call, uh, heaven. David has his big lights anal-retentively safely stored on the wall, with everything in its place.

At the other end is his desk and graphics/workflow/office area. Pretty much what you'd expect, except - what's this? - an octagonal Home Depot-looking thing on the wall at the right of the frame.

Looks like a big 'ol DIY tungsten ring light to me.

Hopefully, David will share some info on that, tell us how he made it (assuming he did) and show us some shots done with it. I have no idea if he will, because he is reading this for the very first time just as you are.

(Hi, David! Howzit going?)

So, David showed us his. Now you show us yours. If you are a reader and a professional shooter, let's see where you hang!

David has set the bar for you. A neat little lit photo of yourself in your photo crib, with the fifty-cent photo tour thrown in.

Stick some pix in the Flickr group poolFlickr group pool, and leave a comment here so I will know you are in. Then I will pick some photo pads to pull up to the main site and all of the amateurs can drool.

Not that you pros should feel superior to the amateurs. While you have to go to work to shoot a photo, they get to do it for luv...

(Click on the top pic for lighting info.)


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