Strobist Now at Amazon Canada

For those of you who wrote in looking for an easier way to hook up with good reading in the north country, I am pleased to announce that Strobist is now affiliated with Amazon Canada.

Good books are good books, no matter where you read them. And I am told that Canada is much like the US. Except that the people are nicer, they drink better beer and all of the lighting books are frozen solid to the shelf for eight full months out of the year.

The Strobist Amazon Canada store is housed in an old, restored c. 1890's factory set on 12 beautifully wooded acres somewhere in the northern half of Jeff Bezos' hard drive.

Thanks much for the idea - and the repeated e-mail kicks in the butt to actually follow through.

I am in the process of setting up an Amazon UK affiliate sites for Strobist's British readers, so watch this space over the next couple of weeks. Ditto the French, German and Japanese sites, if I can figure out a way to wade through the respective languages.

(The last time I tried to order food in French, they brought me something that looked like snails.)

Next up will be to make a drop-down country button for the sidebar. But until then you can reach the Canada page here.

As always, thanks much to you folks who help to support the site by doing your Amazon shopping via Strobist links.


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