Tagged: Here are My Five Things

I have been tagged by Ted Leung.

According to the rules as I know them, here are five things you do not know about me:

1. I skipped second grade, something I later regretted.

2. I started investing when I was eight.

3. I wet my pants during a 6th-grade science fair and walked home in embarrassment - five miles away.

4. While interning at the Orlando Sentinel in the '80's, I was almost arrested for riding on the hood of a car on International Drive to make a photo.

5. My absolute favorite food is chicken and dumplings.

That said, I now tag:

Ryan Saghir, of Orbitcast
Mike Johnston, of The Online Photographer
Chris Marquardt, of Tips From the Top Floor
Lee Abrams, The music guru of XM Satellite Radio
Chris Garrett, of DSLRBlog


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