It's Friday - and yeah, I know that I normally do a single reader Picture of The Week. But some of the stuff put into the Flickr Strobist Pool this week was outstanding.

I could not narrow it down to just one. So, I decided to consult the Rule Book, and it said:
Rule #1: You can do anything you want.
Rule #2. See Rule #1.

So, what the heck. This week, instead of a Picture of the Week, we have a Gallery of the Week.

Leading off up top is Wylie Maercklein's beautifully lit portrait of spritely model (and fellow Flickrer) Brenna.

Brownie points to Wylie for working wide open with a 50/1.4, even though he would have had enough light from the flash to close down and ruin the photo with too much depth of field were he not thinking.

Next up is John Black, who made lemonade out of lemons by making a photo inside a hole near his house, the digging of which repeatedly kept him from sleeping past 7:00 a.m.

Oh, the humanity.

Zepper_7 spent the week getting snooty in the bathroom, with this photo of his muse, Kari, as the result.

Shooting for the Decatur Daily, Gcoz7 worked from ground level to produce what I can honestly say is the, uh, best photo of two high school-aged twins who compete at golf that I have ever seen.

Folks, if you have never been assigned to shoot two high school golfers in one picture in the middle of the day, you really do not understand what a personal success a photo like this can be.

And last is this beautiful picture, by reader Knottyy. It is all the more poignant when you click on it and read the circumstances under which it was taken.

Please, keep 'em coming. And if you are not a member of the Flickr Strobist Group, get that way ASAP. We want to see what you are doing with your flashes.


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