TGIF - POTW, 12/15/2006

This beautiful and evocative off-camera flash Picture of the Week was made by reader Patchlead, all the way down in Australia. He used a Canon EOS 20D, the aforementioned (small) off-camera flash, and a whole lotta pops at full power.

If any of you wanted to play around with this idea, you could shoot with just a hint of sky left in a late-evening photo - enough to separate the trees in the back. And/or you could hide yourself behind a big tree when you popped the flash(es).

Even still, this shot would be hard to beat. Very nice. Make sure you see it big, too.

Not a member of our Flickr group? Just get on the bus, Gus.

It's free.

BTW, in a fit of lucidity, someone suggested we change the Flickr group name from the "Strobist" group to the, uh, "" group. Well, duh. Why didn't I think of that?

So, my prior ignorance notwithstanding, that's exactly what we just did. All URLs are the same, so no worries.

Honestly, sometimes I do not know how I had the intelligence to survive for 41 years. Mrs. Strobist freqently wonders the same thing. Aloud.


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