TGIF/POTW - 12/22/2006

It is Friday, and only three days until Christmas. (Or as my Santa-anticipating 8-year-old girl said tonight, "Two and a wake-up!")

Friday means Picture of The Week around these parts. And Strobist reader SciPug has sprouted off-camera antlers and is going buck wild with trees and clouds.

Actually, I got a really nice e-mail from him before I ever saw the photo drop into the pool. The excitement in his note was palpable. Told me he had just made his best photos, ever.

It is so neat to see someone really start to get the feeling that they have total control over relative light levels. It opens up whole new worlds in just about every area of photography.

SciPug was actually visited by the Strobist Bird of Happiness when he was making this photo. So he should have known he was going to make a good shot.

You'll have to click through to the Flickr page to see what I mean. And if the bird comes for you, don't flinch. It's a good thing.

Nice shot, Zeke.


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