These... Are the Voyages of The Starship Enterprise

Continuing our "show us your photo crib" theme, Washington, DC-based shooter John Harrington checks in with his capitol city diggs.

Criminy! The theatre at my local mall does not have displays that big. You may be wondering how a photographer could have the means to be so well-equipped. I would answer that not only is John a good photographer, but he knows how to handle the bidness end of the bidness, too.

Yeah, he's that John Harrington. Folks, if you really want to make it, learn the biz stuff.

Here are two wide views of his workspace:

Comparing my office to John's, the most positive thing I can say about mine is, uh, my office gets better gas mileage than his does.

John is also one of those photographers who saves his credentials, with quite the "memory wall" to show for his efforts.

He is using a neat new kind of light, too. These are called "Rololights," which are multi-tube fluorescent-light softboxes that roll up into a case. He has posted some Rololight-lit photos in his Flickr stream, so take a look if you want to see more.

This is fun - who's next?

Just post your pix on the Flickr group and leave a comment on this post comment to let us know that they are up.

(Thanks, John!)


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