Couple of Seminar Tix Available

EDITOR'S NOTE: We worked out the spare tix issue in the fairest way possible.


We had a long lead time on this to allow people to snag a cheap Southwest flight if they were traveling to this Saturday's workshop. As such, a couple of the attendees' situations have changed and there are two or three tix available from individuals.

If you have a ticket that you cannot use, please contact Geren Mortensen at the original paypal addy ASAP-est and he can match your vacancy up with the top person on the waiting list.

The Jan 1st refund deadline was set primarily for clerical reasons (long-date paypal refunds are a bear) and Geren is devising a workaround.

We are only talking a few tix anyway, so this should not be too much work for the CMPG folks. And this way, each person showing up will have the appropriate docs, which will make things easier for the people working the table. And the appropriate people on the waiting list will get the slots.

Sorry for any confusion.



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