Hey, You UK Types

Given that there are about 7,000 different photographers from the UK visiting the site within a typical month, I have some info that might interest you.

First, there is a Flickr thread now for you guys to share info, introduce yourselves (and find out if your next door neighbor might share your affliction.)

Second, UK reader Jon Leighton has put together a shot of his basic gear, seen here, which he sourced locally. Click on the pic to get to the info.

You can, of course, go through Midwest Photo Exchange to get the stuff, too. But Jon has even sourced the wire bits and bungees locally, as some of the hardware stuff can be a bit hard to find there. Thanks, Jon.

Finally, I am checking into the feasibility of popping over to the London area for an all-day workshop this summer. Two hurdles would be (a) checking the general interest level, and (b) finding a location.

If you might be interested in attending, please leave a comment below and let me know. This is not a commitment on your part, just a rough estimate.

As for the location, if any of you happen to work in an academic environment that might be able to offer a room like a classroom or meeting room all day on a Saturday (or Sunday, as some people would prefer) in the mid or late summer, I'd love to hear about it.

It would need to be able to hold about 40 people, with some working space for lighting. I could pay - in pounds, live chickens, workshop tuition(s), whatever. Please give me a heads-up with any ideas via Flickr mail. (My Flickr name is Strobist.)

As for the cost, I would have to recoup airfare, lodging, seminar room costs and 5 or 6 days' lost time from work and still have it make sense after taxes. My guess would be that it would come in at ~150 Euros for the day. But that might change a little as we cost it out.

If you guys are interested and the details pan out, I'm up for it.


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