If You are Coming to the Seminar:

Addendum: If you have a copy of the Grecco book, please bring it. There are a couple of examples we are going to talk about. No need to go out and buy it just for this. But if you have a copy, please bring it.

Just a couple of admin items if you are signed up for this week's workshop. It is this Saturday from 1p - 6p, and directions can be found here.

1. Please let me know how you will be synching during the shooting part of the seminar. There is a thread on Flickr, here. If you have not already posted your synching method, please do so ASAP and we can work this out with the least crosstalk possible.

2. Please let us know if you will be joining us when we meet at BareBones for dinner afterwards. Just leave a comment under this post (if you are joining us) with a first name and last initial. Please note that there will be separate checks/split tab/etc - whatever they can arrange that does not involve me funding all of your microbrew/rib habits.

3. You should bring your camera(s), your small flash lighting gear (assume battery power and bring fresh and/or extra batts) a notebook and something to write with. No need to bring superwides or long tele lenses. Something that passes through the portrait length will be fine. Bring lots of questions, too. The subject matter will be variable, based on the experience level of the group. Audio recorders (for personal use) are okay, if you want.

That said, the agenda is basically:

• Intro
• Figure out where we are as a group
• Lighting Theory
• Gear
• Basic practice
• Advanced practice
• Turn you loose on each other

How much ground we cover will be determined by the group, questions, discussion, etc. Of course, we can continue the discussion at BareBones if you like. Heck, after three microbrews, the Inverse Square rule might actually start to make sense...


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