I'm in it for the Money

I noticed a thread in the Flickr discussion group in which someone suggested nominating Strobist for the Bloggies. To that end, some thoughts:

• If you really like the site, please just nominate it in one category. I am thinking "photo" might be most appropriate. Or possibly best photo site by a supermodel. (No, wait, that's Fred Miranda's joint.)

• If you participate, you are required to nominate blogs in at least two other categories. Please be creative and find a couple that are good but have not yet gotten much notice.

• "Blog Of The Year," which I sincerely doubt this one would win, carries with it a prize of 2,007 dollars pennies. With that kind of loot, I am pretty sure I would retire to Mexico.

• So doubtful am I about the last item, that if Strobist were to win Blog Of The Year, Lighting Boot Camp II rolls again this summer. And I will get no flippin' sleep at all. But I feel pretty safe on this one.

That said, I am heading over to nominate three other sites.


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