The Joke's On You

Moishe, who started this joke thread a while back, is reviving it with a little twist.

He has suggested a little competition of sorts. What with our shared techniques, penchant for frugality, obsession with lighting, etc., there must be some humor in there somewhere.

So, put on your propeller beanies (or rubber chickens) and come up with the best Strobist-related joke that you can. It can begin (as in the joke thread) with, "Two strobists walk into a bar..." or, "How many strobists does it take to change a light bulb," or whatever.

Enter as often as you like. Funny is good, but "original and funny" is better. Inside jokes are welcome, and everything previously posted in the thread is already entered for consideration. Moishe and his crack staff of employee/comedians will judge them in a couple of weeks.

First and second place each gets a Westcott Double-Fold umbrella, shipped anywhere on the planet.

Just drop your entries here.

Luckily for all of you, I am not eligible. Heh, heh.

NOTE: Please place your entry in the Flickr thread, as opposed to the comments section!


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