POTW - 1/19/2007

Howdy, Buckaroos!

It's Friday, which means it's TGIF, which means POTW. This time, it is "Pictures of the Week." I kept trying to get it down to one, and I couldn't. Heck, I had enough trouble getting it down to two.

But they are two very different photos, so choosing between them was somewhat like apples and oranges anyway.

Leading off is Cicobuff's "Sunday Sun" photo, which shows just what a small flash can do if you can synch it way up in the nosebleed section of your shutter speed dial.

He used a special "focal plane flash" feature on the Nikon SB-800, which only works in conjunction with some of their high-end camera models.

At 1/8000 of a sec, you can pretty much nuke daylight with your flash if you play around with it.

Cool beans.

Next is Kipzilla's gorgeous photo. It's not his baby, but his friends are admiring his new-found flash skills and hitting him up for pix of their own little munchkins.

And his diffuser of choice for the speedlight, which was at camera right? A shower curtain.

Howzat for lighting value?

That's a priceless photo. And the light quality really makes it sing, IMO. Nice work, both of you guys.

Happy weekend, y'all.


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