Web Portfolio with Lighting Diagrams

Photographer Scott Smith has a neat website that takes the idea of the typical web portfolio and kicks it up a notch by adding lighting diagrams and how-to blurbs to many of the photos.

It's well worth clicking around a little. But be warned that the boudoir section is a little NSFW-ish. Plenty of other stuff to see if the boss is around.

For those of you who noticed a little strangeness on Strobist today, you were right.

There was a Blogger "planned outage" that turned into a "prolonged day of weirdness." This resulted in things as odd as some readers getting notices that their request looked like those of spambots, of virus-infested computers.

Fear not - the problem is with Blogger, not your computer.

Serves me right for hooking up with a fly-by-night company like Google.

(Thanks for the heads-up, Craig.)


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