POTW - 02/17/2007

What follows is a selection of photos from those submitted to the Strobist Flickr pool within the last week.

They were shot by people ranging from amateur to semi-pro to professional. By photographers with years of lighting experience and by those who have only been lighting for a very short time. I would have trouble telling who shot what and I'll bet you would, too.

To those of you still sitting on the sidelines: Get off your butt and try this stuff.

It's easy. Really.

It makes me very happy to see so many people learning so much - and sharing their knowledge with others via the discussion boards. Rather than weave together some sort of narrative for these photos, I am going to just let them speak for themselves.

Please click on a photo to see it bigger, along with who shot it and some lighting info. Or to leave them some props in the comments section.


And the latest addition to our group, courtesy Wiredfool:

(With a little help, of course.)


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