Umbrella Update

UPDATE: MPEX has revised their shipping policy and lowered costs to better suit the small orders of many people who are readers of this site. The details are here.

I appreciate you guys' accomodation with MPEX's process of growing into their role as a major supplier as much as I appreciate MPEX's quick response to the issue.


Two things on the convertible double-folds:

First, MPEX got deluged with emails, orders, etc., and are digging themselves out in much the same way one would dig out of a 4-foot snowfall.

Make that 8-foot snowfall.

Second, I talked to Moishe and found out that their shipping/package/labor costs start at about $12. He is planning to grab one of those big, thick Gitzo monopods (the steel one, not the carbon fiber) and pay a little visit to the shipping guys to see if he can get that price down a bit.

Long story short, for both of the above reasons it may be a smart to wait on the umbrella until you could gang it as part of a multi-item order. (Minimum ship cost aside, they work hard to ensure that shipping costs are in line - or better than inline - whenever possible.)

For international readers, Moishe has set up a shipping costs page that will give you a good idea of the transport costs.

International shipping is a bitch bear, cost-wise. But in many countries the total still nets out favorably in comparison to local prices. Not to mention availability.

Hopefully, we can have a drop-off/pick-up point at the U.S. embassies in the biggest 100 or so countries by the spring...


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