Detailed "How-To" for eBay Remotes Mod

Over at Instructables, Strobist reader David W. Smith posted a detailed run-through showing how to mod on the cheapie eBay remotes with a much better antenna. I know we have mentioned this before, but this is by far the most detailed tutorial yet.

Total cost: Some solder and a small piece of wire.

Illegal? Possibly.

Effective? Given that it might be illegal, I am not gonna comment on the specifics of David's insanely increased range. Because that would be irresponsible.

Those of you who can live with occasionally breaking the law for 1/250th of a second at a time might consider putting your soldergeek skills to work on this very cheap alteration.

Being a fine, upstanding, legal Pocket Wizard user, I completely disavow myself of all knowledge of your actions, of course.



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