FinalFour Day 2: Sportsshooter Responds

Even though we are but a tiny blip on the radar for the wildly popular, some of them have noticed our little challenge.

Some are mildly amused. Others see it as the fun, skillset-stretching challenge it was intended to be. Still others, I suspect, are busy wondering just how far away you have to get from a basketball to shoot a close-up with a 400/2.8.

Quietly, the Dark Overlords at Sportsshooter have begun to marshall their considerable resources:

"I'll even sweeten the pot by giving a special prize/gift to any member who is selected as one of the Top 5 from our site. (Trust me, I'll make it worth your effort.)"

But I have seen the stuff you guys are already doing, and, well, I think we can take them. I've noticed several very worthy efforts, including one that has been done by a reader and not posted yet. And I have a photo of my own in the can, ready to go.

Still nothing from the Sportsshooters yet.

One thought to consider: If you do something really hot, maybe you wait till late Sunday night to stick it in the pool, if you know what I mean. Can't be too careful with the OpSec.

I'm just sayin'...

(Evil action figure photo by silent_(e), via Flickr.)


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