Flashy Videographers, Take Note

Calling all YouTube hounds out there - if you are doing videos of any of your off-camera lighting shoots or DIY flash stuff, please stick a YouTube URL in the comments section of this post. If it rocks, we all wanna see it.

Photographers, obviously, are very visual people. And monkey-see-monkey-do is the way we learn the fastest.

On a related note, if you are local to the Baltimore/Washington area and might have some free time on Sundays and Mondays in July, we have a pretty neat video project in the works. I will have several opportunites for photogs and/or video people who might want to be involved.

If you are local and looking for internship credit stuff (or just a chance to be involved in a very hands-on, small-group lighting project) this could be a cool summer project that would be fairly low impact on your summer schedule. The shooting sessions would be modular, and variable. You would not need to be present on all days.

More info later, but just a heads-up now for long-term planning purposes. If you want to leave your name and contact info in the comments, I can hold onto it for later. Your contact info will not be published.


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