How to Get Dave Hill's Gritty Look

I love the serendipity of this blog thing.

As we said in the previous post about photographer Dave Hill, he is clearly using some post production to get from his wraparound light to his overall signature look.

A reader stuck a link in the comments section to a quick little Photoshop tutorial that shows how Hill might have gotten that high-pass, gritty feel after the fact.

The technique is surprisingly simple.

Always one for exhaustive research, I repeatedly studied the tutorial's before-and-after photos of Angelina Jolie very closely before posting the link.

Actually, on second thought it may just be a Jolie lookalike. I think am gonna go back and check those shots one more time. One cannot be too careful about these things.

On a housekeeping note, I am up in Rhode Island this week to do lighting seminars at the Northern Short Course on Thurday morning and Friday afternoon. The two seminars will cover the same material, except the one on Thursday morning is a little longer.

If anyone within earshot is coming, we'll be repairing to the hotel's watering hole on Thursday and Friday evenings to talk about lights. We'll also be talking about darks and ambers.

Hope to see you then.


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