It's in Our Teams' Hands Now

(Photo by Phillip Moore.)

As the semifinal games begin, a few things to mention:

First, the basketball photos are really starting to come in. If yours does not show up in the above search (which will happen for many new members) please leave a URL that points to your photo's Flickr page in the comments section for this post. We do not want to miss you.

Second, remember that you have until Monday, noon (EST) to submit your photo, (either via Flickr w/strobistfinalfour tag or a URL that points to your individual photo's page on Flickr.)

Third, many thanks to the Sportsshooter photogs who have answered the challenge. We cannot wait to see your stuff. I hope my trash-talking bait was sufficient to bring many of you to the party.

And finally, to all people who still have some skin in the game, either via alma mater, favorite school or brackets in the office pool, good luck this weekend and Monday.

Monday afternoon, I will post the "Starting Five" from this site. As previously mentioned, I will submit a photo and choose four others. (I am sticking to this even though I am not sure that my effort would legitimately make the top five.)

I am sure Brad or Grover will post the link to their stuff over on Sportsshooter, and I will point to it. Hopefully, we will all pick up some new lighting tricks. I know I already have.

These of course will be quickly forgotten due to the effects of the pre-final-game Happy Hours.


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